Crossmark Policy for Living Books

What is Crossmark and how does it relate to living books?

Crossmark is an initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current and authoritative version of a piece of content. It involves many scholarly publishers around the world and is led by Crossref.

By applying the Crossmark button, Ksiegarnia Akademicka Publishing commits to maintaining the content it publishes, and to alert readers to changes if and when they occur.

When the reader clicks on the Crossmark button, a new window appears indicating the status of the content and additional information. Checking whether a version of the document is up to date and informing readers accordingly of any relevant changes are crucial with regard to scholarly texts. These procedures are even more important in the case of living books which are a special, innovative form of scholarly publication in the digital age, characterised by non-linearity, dynamism, and fluidity. The role of additional information related to scholarly content. Also noteworthy are additional metadata providing information on authorship, funding, and licensing is also valuable.

Retractions and Corrections Policy

According to our Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement, which takes into account current best practices in scholarly publishing, and in order to maintain the integrity and completeness of the presenting scholarly content, the following policies will be applied when introducing any relevant changes and corrections or withdrawal of the document would be needed.

Corrections Policy

After publication of the document, it may occur that important corrections in the version of record are required. The publisher is obliged to introduce appropriate corrections in consultation with the author(s) and to clearly indicate and mark these changes. The leaving original uncorrected texts will be left in place, you should explain that. The original uncorrected articles will be replaced with corrected versions, but all versions will be archived.

The following categories of additions and changes are accepted to introduce within Crossmark:

● addendum (additional information to the published content)

● clarification

● correction

● corrigendum (author error)

● erratum (publishing error)

● expression of concern

● new edition

● new version

Retraction Policy

The publisher will consider withdrawing a publication if at least one of the following irregularities has been detected:

● the research has been previously published elsewhere without providing an appropriate link, consent, or justification (cases of redundant publications),

● new the text has been plagiarised or has based on unethical research,

● there is clear evidence that the findings contained in the text are unreliable due to wrong research procedures (including fabricated data) or an honest mistake.

    Notifications of text withdrawal should state and clearly specify the reasons for such a decision. The withdrawn articles will not be removed from the publication, but the fact of their withdrawal will be clearly indicated and marked.

    The following categories of retractions are accepted to introduce within Crossmark:

    ● partial retraction

    ● removal

    ● retraction

    ● withdrawal