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Gente Rutheni, natione Poloni

Adam Świątek

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Gente Rutheni, natione Poloni

Polish historians and political leaders have often
used the term gente Rutheni, natione Poloni to
characterize figures of Ruthenian/Ukrainian
descent who viewed themselves as part of a Polish
political or national community. The duality and
hybridity of theses figures’ identity have excluded
them from traditional Polish and Ukrainian
national narratives. Adam Świątek has given us the
first fully encompassing work examining the
persons, organizations, and ideologies of this group
from the end of the eighteenth to the beginning of
the twentieth century. Based on a thorough
examination of sources and literature, his
monograph provides a nuanced account of how the
concept and group were transformed and
functioned in Habsburg Galicia. The volume is
essential reading for all those interested in Polish-
Ukrainian relations and those who wish to study
varying national identities and historical concepts
in the Galician crownland over the long nineteenth
century. By undertaking an examination of a
concept and group that did not succeed with the
advent of modern nationalism, he enriches our
understanding of the Habsburg world and modern
Polish and Ukrainian nationhood.

Adam Świątek is an assistant professor in the
Institute of History at the Jagiellonian University in
Cracow, Poland. He is also the author of numerous
articles in the field of modern Polish and Ukrainian
history and of a book on Jan Matejko and the Ruthenians
("Lach serdeczny". Jan Matejko a Rusini.
Cracow, 2013).

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