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Biochemistry Laboratory. For Students of School of Medicine

Piotr ed. Laidler, Barbara ed. Piekarska, Wróbel Maria ed.

Stron: 200
ISBN: 9788323345817
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The book is a collection of laboratory manuals for the "Biochemistry integrated with chemistry" course for students of Medicine and Dentistry of the School of Medicine in English Jagiellonian University Medical College. Laboratory exercises cover basic techniques used in biochemical laboratories. Observation of the processes and interpretation of the results help students to better understand the topics discussed throughout trie Biochemistry course. Presented laboratory exercises cover selected topics in general and organic chernistry, biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids, enzymology, metabolic processes and molecular biology. Apart from basic laboratory techniques students learn about contemporary research methods including gene expression analysis and cytotoxicity determination, and learn how to use internet databases as a source of information about genes and proteins.

The first part contains laboratory manuals, each preceded by a short introduction: and a list of required theoretical topics. The second part  is a set of the forms for the laboratory reports.