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Lubin. Early Medieval Stronhold at Mouth of The Oder

Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk. Ośrodek Archeologii Gór i Wyżyn, 2018
Page(s): 500
ISBN: 9788394988241



Natural Environment, Cultural Landscape and History of Research
1. Marian Rębkowski, Introduction. Medieval Lubin as the Subject of Archaeological Research 
2. Grzegorz Kiarszys, Remains of Anthropogenic Land Forms in Lubin’s Cultural Landscape: Summary of Remote-sensing, Cartographic and Surface Survey Evidence 
3. Przemysław Krajewski, The Stronghold in the Original Landscape of the Lubin Area in the Light of the Cartographic Evidence 
4. Ryszard K. Borówka, Bartosz Bieniek, Bożena Kosińska, Julita Tomkowiak, Geological Structure and Geomorphology of the Castle Hill in Lubin
Archaeological Investigations in 2008–2011
5. Marian Rębkowski, The Archaeological Evidence. e Nature and Extent of Excavations, the Stratification Systems 
6. Paulina Romanowicz, Catalogue of Graves 
7. Marek Krąpiec, Results of Radiocarbon Analyses 
8. Krzysztof Misiewicz, Non-invasive Survey of the Stronghold in Lubin 
Settlement of the Hill and Buildings
9. Marian Rębkowski, The Development of Settlement on the Hilltop 
10. Marian Rębkowski, Paulina Romanowicz, The Church of St Nicholas
11. Marian Rębkowski, Paulina Romanowicz, The Residential Tower
The Churchyard Cemetery
12. Marian Rębkowski, The Cultural Character and Chronology of the Cemetery on the Castle Hill in Lubin 
13. Iwona Teul, Residents of Early Medieval Lubin in the Light of Anthropology 
14. Andrzej Ossowski, Marta Diepenbroek, Grażyna Zielińska, Genetic Analysis of Skeletal Remains from the Cemetery 
The Finds. Studies
15. Michał Adamczyk, Flint Artefacts
16. Marek Dworaczyk, Grzegorz Durdyń, Early Medieval Pottery Vessels
17. Paulina Romanowicz, Late Medieval and Modern Ceramics 
18. Mateusz Bogucki, Coins from Lubin as a Contribution to the Study of Medieval Pomeranian Coin Production 
19. Paulina Romanowicz, Metal Objects
20. Paulina Romanowicz, Finds of Bone, Antler, Amber and Clay
21. Marcin Szydłowski, Paulina Romanowicz, Stone Objects 
22. Aleksandra Makowska, Paulina Romanowicz, Finds of Glass
23. Daniel Makowiecki, Animal Bone Remains. The Importance of Fauna for the Inhabitants of Medieval Lubin
24. Marian Rębkowski, Lubin in the Middle Ages
Wojciech Bartz, Maria Gąsior, Results of Investigation of Mortar Composition from Castle Hill in Lubin
List of Figures