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Around the Book the Library and Information. The Present State - Challenges - Prospects. Studies and Essays

Maria ed. Juda, ed. Has-Tokarz, Renata ed. Malesa

Stron: 304
ISBN: 9788377844625


The dynamic development of new technologies triggers changes in the environment in which the book and the library function: consequently, new questions need to be asked about their position and role in the developing knowledge and information society. The questions should concern not only the next contexts of the functioning of books and libraries but also the exact definition of their role and position in the social communication system. Similarly, problems concerning the phenomenon of the book itself, its definition and new communication capabilities must not be omitted. Advanced instruments produce new and incomparably larger information resources than previous ones, and they also intensify the flow of information itself. In view of this reality, the science of the book, library and information is facing a chalange to define and deepen both traditional and new research areas. One of such attempts is the present collection of studies - the outcome of research inquiries conducted by representatives of conters concerned with bibliological and information-science problems, both in the theoretical and didactic contexts.