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Politeja 2012, nr 20_3: Contemporary Transformations. Culture, Politics, Economy

red. Bogdan Szlachta

Publisher: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2012
Page(s): 136
Politeja, 20/3
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Author: red. Bogdan Szlachta

Publisher: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2012

Politeja, 20/3


Page(s): 136



3 Monika Banaś, Introduction

11 Joseph J. Hughes, Seven Revolutions, One Classroom: Discussing Global Culture Globally

17 Garry Robson, Britain in Transition: Diversity, Therapy Culture and the Legacy of New Labour

29 Zinovijus Ciupijus, EU Citizens or Eastern European Labour Migrants? The Peculiar Case of Central Eastern Europeans in Britain

47 Barbara Czarnecka, Polish Plumber’s Wife in England – Changes in Attitudes of Polish Women towards British Culture

57 Cornelia Caseau, The Power of Migrants, or How Turkish Immigrants Influence the Austrian Economy

67 Tatiana Ignatova, Globalization: Challenges for Russia in Post-Crisis World

75 Áron Telegdi-Csetri, Kantian Politics and Methodological Cosmopolitanism

89 Jiří Horák, Ingeborg Němcová, Barbora Vondrušková, The EU Emission Trading System – the Aftermath

101 Attila György, Public Sector’s Principal-Agent Theory in a Global World

109 Iva Bankova Moneva, Fair Value in Financial Statements of Bulgarian Enterprises

115 Nikolina Grozeva, Representing Development Costs of Application Software in Financial Statements: a Study on How Bulgarian Accounting Culture Needs to Be Changed

125 José G. Vargas-Hernández, The Transfer of Governance from the Nation State to a Corporate Global Economy

135 Monika Banaś, Post scriptum