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Totalitarianism and liberty. Hannah Arendt in the 21st...

ed. Gerhard Besier, Katarzyna Stokłosa, Andrew ed. Wisely

Księgarnia Akademicka, 2008
Stron: 423
ISBN: 9788371880575


Artykuły zawarte w niniejszym tomie stanowią pokłosie konferenecji Hannah Arendt in the 21st Century: A Global Discourse, która odbyła się w Waco w stanie Texas w listopadzie 2006 roku.



I. Interpreting Hannah Arendt

Julia Schulze Wessel, Hannah Arendt's Life and Work; Agnes Heller, Fundamentalism without Fundaments of Fundamentalism as Ideology; Emilio Gentile, Hannah Arendt's Silence; Uwe Backes, Hannah Arendt's Concept of Totalitarianism; Gerhard Besier, Hannah Arendt and the Myth of Freedom; Dominik Trutkowski, Concepts of Totalitarianism - Representatives, Reception and Prespectives; Stephanie Tölle, Hannah Arendt as a poet: reflections about her self-perception and poetical understanding.

II. Hannah Arendt in Europe

Gilbert Merlio
, The Reception of Hannah Arendt in France; José M. Faraldo, Hannah Arendt, Totalitarianism and Western European (post-)Dictatorships: the Spanish Case; Emanoil Ancuta, The Reception of Hannah Arendt in Romania; Katarzyna Stokłosa, The Reception of Hannah Arendt in Poland; Sante Maletta, The Care of the Soul in the Dark Times: Hannah Arendt and Czech Dissidence; Gert Röhrborn, The Dissidents' Thinker? Transformative Politics in Hannah Arendt and GDR Dissidents.

III. Hannah Arendt and Jewishness

Avner Dinur
, Arendt's "Councils System" and Israel as a "state all its citizens"; Ingeborg Gleichauf, Hannah Arendt: Contemplating Thought; Daniela Heitzmann, Coping with the Past: the Controversy regarding Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem; Andrew Wisely, Desk-Murderers or Dr. Lucas: Superfluity and Culpability in Hannah Arendt's "Auschwitz on Trial"; Nikolaus Gatter, "She became thoroughly stupid and commonplace...". Hannah Arendt's book about Rahel Varnhagen.