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Cracow Indological Studies 2015, nr 17: Crossing over "on Birds

Tatiana Dubyanskaya

Giorgio Milanetti
Between Enduring Urban Models and Shifting Cultural Trajectories: Unravelling Narratives on Ayodhyā and Bengaluru

Piotr Borek
The Reliable Poem. A 17th-century Hindi Poet in his Words

Nicola Pozza
Wandering Writers in the Himalaya: Contesting Narratives and Renunciation in Modern Hindi Literature

Monika Browarczyk
From the Other One to the Only One Prabha Khaitan and Her Autobiography

Gautam Chakrabarti
"Pure and Mixed" in East India: Gerasim Lebedev’s Intercultural Enthusiasms

Namita Gokhale
Travelling Tales: Some Stories from the Middle Himalayas

Klaus Karttunen
A Hundred Years of Tagore in Finland

Donatella Dolcini
Premchand’s Encounter with Tolstoy

Teresa Miążek
"...kahāniyā͂ ākhir bantῑ kaise hai͂?!" ("…how, after all, do stories originate?!"). The Clash between Indian and Western Literary Traditions in Ajñeya’s Short Stories

Tatiana Dubyanskaya
The Ivan Denisovich of Delhi—an Indian Story of Survival?

Lucio De Capitani
Weaving Cross-cultural Narratives: Hybrid Forms and Historico-political Discourse of the Anglophone Indian Novel

Carlotta Beretta
A Genealogy of the Ibis Trilogy: Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Bengali Culture

Ira Sarma
Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan and Margaret Bourke-White’s Partition Photographs: Clash of Narratives or Postmemory Project?

Toms Ķencis
Heidegger on Poetry: What is Sudeep Sen for?

Lidia Sudyka
Kesavan Veluthat and Donald R. Davis, Jr. (Ed.) Irreverent History. Essays in Honour of M.G.S. Narayanan. Delhi: Primus Books. 2014, 328pp, ISBN: 978-93-84082-14-7