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Narratives of Ethnic Identity, Migration and Politics. A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Monika Banaś, Mariusz Dzięglewski
Preface. Ethnicity – an Ambiguous Concrete Term?

Barbara Jaczewska
Migration Management in the European Union. Immigration Policy in Germany and the United Kingdom

Dessislava Damyanova
European Cultural Policy and Multiculturalism (In the Context of the Study of Catholicism in Bulgaria)

Marharyta Fabrykant
The Macrosocial Roots of Ethnonationalist Revival. Modes of Narration and Value Configurations

Mikhail Kabitskiy
South European Nations Seeking Their Identity on the Turn of Epochs and the Ethno-Anthropological Science

Tatyana Lipai, Olga Volkova
An Analysis of the Consequences of the Migration of Women-Scientists of Russian Origin in the Period 1965-2008

Marcin Gońda
Narratives of Polishness Identity Ambiguities of Foreign Students of Polish Descent

Katarzyna Wójcikowska
Identity Strategies in the Narratives of Second Generation Polish Return Migrants

Marta Petryk
One Group - Different Approaches to Identity Construction. Kvens vs. Descendants of Finnish Immigrants in Norway

Mariusz Dzięglewski
The Economic and Social Implications of Post-Accession Migration from Poland as Depicted in Weekly Magazines

Justyna Salamońska
Skilled Migrant Careers from the East to the West of Europe. Polish Architects and Engineers in Ireland

Ewa Ślęzak
The Post-EU Integration, the Migration of the Polish and Intergenerational Relations. The Case of Health Professionals' Migration from Poland to the United Kingdom

Iryna Maidanik
Labor Migration and Entrepreneurship. The Current Situation and Prospects for Ukraine