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The internet bookshop which operates in the internet domain, is managed by Księgarnia Akademicka spółka z o.o., which is registered by the Sšd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Œródmieœcia w Krakowie located in Kraków, ul. Przy Rondzie 7, 11th Economic Department, to the National Court Register. Registration numbers: KRS: 145510, NIP 676-007-55-73, Regon 350019126.

I. The reception and realisation of orders

1.1. The internet bookshop sells products through the internet.

1.2. We receive orders through the website, in exceptional cases by phone or fax (+48 12) 431 27 43.

1.3. The customer who places an order enters into a contract involving the sale of products with the Bookshop. After an order is placed the customer receives an automatically generated e-mail message that the order has been received. The body of the message contains a link which should be clicked in order to confirm the order.

If the aforementioned confirmation does not reach the server during seven calendar days, the order will be deleted automatically.

1.4. The acceptance of an order begins when the e-mail which contains the customer’s confirmation of his or her order (when the “cash on delivery” or “prepayment” option is selected) reaches the Bookshop or after the customer makes a payment for the products (when the “e-payment” option is selected).

1.5. The order will be processed on condition that the product is available in the warehouse or can be furnished by the purveyors of the bookshop. If a part of the products that the customers ordered is not available, the customer is notified about the status of the order and he or she makes a decision about the manner in which the order should be processed (partial processing, prolongation of the time expected to process the order, cancellation of the whole order). If the customer made an e-payment and the product is unavailable, the bookshop will refund the money for the ordered goods to the customer.

1.6. A VAT invoice is issued for each order. The invoice is issued when the availability of all the items that the customer ordered has been confirmed and the products themselves have been prepared for shipping.

1.7. The customer may withdraw the order that he or she made by phone, by fax (+48 12) 431 27 43 or by e-mail:, on condition that the order has not been processed already.

1.9. All of the prices are provided in the Polish złoty currency and they include VAT. The price that is provided in the case of each item is valid when the customer makes his or her order. The bookshop reserves a right to change the prices of the products that are offered, e.g. when new items become available in the internet bookstore.

II. Methods of payment

2.1. The customer may select the following payment methods to pay for the products that he or she orders:

2.2. Individual orders made in Poland:

– payable with cash on delivery – 18 zł;

– a prepayment by a bank or a post office money transfer to the bank account of the bookshop

(prepayment) – 12 zł;

– prepayment through the e-payment module (PayU) – 12 zł

2.3. Individual foreign orders:

– payable by money transfer to the bank account of the bookshop (foreign shipments are processed after the shipping costs are calculated). After the customer makes his or her order the customer receives information about the shipping costs according to the price list of the Polish Post (Poczta Polska) which depend on the weight of the shipment.

2.4. Orders made by institutions and businesses are payable by a money transfer to the account or by cash on delivery.

III. Delivery

3.1 Orders are delivered by Poczta Polska or a delivery service to the address indicated by the customer.

3.2. The customer may select the following methods of delivery:

– Poczta Polska (Polish Post); the expected time of delivery is three working days,

The delivery is performed by Poczta Polska on the basis of the Rules and Regulations of providing postal sevices of general nature and on the basis of the Postal Law Act and the appropriate regulations and executive acts.

– a delivery service; the expected time of delivery is two working days

– the customer may also pick up the ordered product personally (the latter will be put on hold at the cash desk for a week).

3.3. The time of delivery = the time it takes to process an order + the time until the shipment reaches the customer

IV. Returns and complaints

4.1. According to the Act about the protection of certain rights of the consumers and about the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product issued on 2 March, 2000, the customer may return the product he or she bought in our bookshop, without stating a reason, within ten days since the date the shipment was received.

This is possible only if the product was not used, copied and was not damaged in any way. CDs, DVDs, cassettes must be returned in their original packaging which must be intact.

4.2. The goods that are returned must be shipped together with the invoice that was originally delivered. The bookshop guarantees a refund equal to the price of the product(s). Money will be returned within five working days by a money transfer to the account indicated by the customer or by a postal order to the address indicated in the order that the customer made. The bookshop does not cover the costs that the customer was charged to return the product(s).

4.3. A warranty of the producer applies to all of the products which are available in the bookshop.

4.4. If the customer finds technical faults or damages which arose during the delivery upon receiving the product(s), he or she should ship it back to the following address: Księgarnia Akademicka sp. z o.o.; ul. œw. Anny 6; 31-008 Kraków.

4.5. The bookshop does not accept returned shipments on the basis of “cash on delivery”. The bookshop returns the costs associated with the shipping back of the returned products immediately after the bookshop receives the shipment and resolves the return request. A notice about the reason for returning the product(s) must be included in the shipment of returned goods.

The validity of all requests to return a product is established within two working days at the latest from the moment when the request reaches the bookshop. Damaged goods will be exchanged for other, fault-free goods. If this turns out to be impossible (for example due to the fact that a given product is out of print), the bookshop will refund the money or suggest other products which are available.

V. The rules concerning the selling of e-books

5.1. The rules determined in the following section apply to the selling of temporary access to an electronic file which holds the content of a book.

5.2. Access to an e-book may be purchased for the period of 1, 7, 30 or 180 days. After the period of using the e-book expires the link to the e-book becomes inactive.

5.3. The realisation of an order which contains e-books begins when the bookshop receives a confirmation from the party which manages the payments that the operation was conducted correctly.

5.4. The customer may use the following methods of payment for electronic files:

– e-payment,

– prepayment made to the account of Księgarnia Akademicka

5.5. All prices of electronic files that are contained in the website of the bookshop are in the Polish złoty currency and include VAT. The price which is displayed at each electronic file is valid when the customer makes his or her order.

5.6. After the bookshop receives a confirmation that a payment was made, within twelve hours, the bookshop will send to the customer (to the e-mail address stated by the customer) a temporarily active link which provides access to the e-book which may be used by the customer until the period of use expires. If the realisation of the order is impossible, the bookshop will notify the customer about this fact by e-mail. If the customer already paid for his or her order, the bookshop will make a refund to the account stated by the customer.

5.7. Due to the nature of selling e-books, the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract after he or she downloads the electronic file.

5.8. The rules associated with the use of electronic files.

5.8.1. Only the customer who purchased the electronic file is entitled to use it according to the licence. The latter is granted to the customer so that he or she may use the file for his or her personal purposes, with the provision of further limitations which are stipulated in the content of the Rules and Regulations and/or in the description appended to a given file, including the technical security measures which are applied by the bookshop or a different entity. The licence is non-exclusive and non-negotiable.

5.8.2. Due to the unconditional provisions of the Act issued on 4/02/1994 about the copyright and the related rights, the customer is not entitled to disseminate or make accessible the electronic file, of any of its fragments and copies; he or she is not entitled to use it for commercial purposes, to introduce changes or any kind of modifications to the file and to remove any deficiencies of the file.

5.8.3. The customer is not entitled to grant further licences to use the electronic file to other parties.

5.8.4. The customer is obliged to take steps in order to keep the electronic file that was purchased from being accessed by unauthorised users.

5.9. The customer is entitled to lodge a complaint about the purchase of electronic files on condition that:

– the content of the e-book has a technical defect,

– the link to the purchased e-book does not work properly,

– the possibility of using the e-book was not granted to the customer within twelve hours since the payment was made. In such a case the customer should submit a complaint to the following address: and provide the order number to which the complaint refers and write “Complaint/Reklamacja” in the subject field of the e-mail message.

The validity of the requests to returnable goods is established in the period of up to 14 days after such a request reaches the bookshop.

VI. Final provisions

6.1. The contract of sale concluded between the customer and Księgarnia Akademicka sp. z o.o.

The preservation and the making accessible of the material provisions of the contract that is concluded occurs by means of printing a VAT invoice or the specifications of the order and presenting them to the customer with the shipment.

6.2. The contract of sale is concluded according to Polish law and is written in Polish.

6.3. Making a purchase through the internet bookstore is equivalent to the acceptance of the present Rules and Regulations.

6.4. The court that is appropriate to settle disputes associated with the contract of sale is the court of the appropriate jurisdiction for the defendant or the court of the appropriate jurisdiction for the place where the contract was executed.

(c) Księgarnia Akademicka