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Ad Americam 2015, nr 16

7 Anna Bartnik, The World Before Control? American Immigration Law and Policy During Colonial Times

17 Brygida Gasztold, Of Promises Delivered and Failed: Post 9/11 America through the Eyes of The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

29 Barbara Machnik, Paleoconservatism and the Issue of Immigration and Multiculturalism

41 Anna Pruska, US-Swiss Relations in the Context of Swiss Banking Secrecy

59 Jarema Słowiak, General Westmoreland. Unfulfilled Hero Turned into a Scapegoat

69 Dariusz Stolicki, The Law and Practice of Government Shutdowns in the United States

99 Notes about Authors

101 Past Tables of Contents

109 Instructions for Contributors

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Laura Priston

I love read romance books. Is so amazing to have your love story in a book that you can always look back on and never forget how much you love each other.

Joel Morris

Chciałem tylko napisać, że przyjemna ta Wasza strona. Z łatwością znalazłem co chciałem i książki przyszły na czas. Trzymajcie tak dalej!

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