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Jacek K. Sokołowski
Spójność, zgodność i dyscyplina ugrupowań parlamentarnych: przegląd aktualnych zagadnień badawczych
Unity, cohesion and discipline of parliamentary groups: state of the art and the current research

rok , vol. ; str. 45-62
DOI: 10.12797/Politeja.11.2014.32.04
Keywords: parliamentarism, parliamentary cohesion, parliamentary discipline, Sejm
Słowa kluczowe: parlamentaryzm, spójność ugrupowań parlamentarnych, dyscyplina parlamentarna, Sejm

The article sums up the development of a particular subdiscipline in parliamentary research, i.e. the cohesion analysis. By outlining approaches to parliamentary cohesion, it identifies the two major ones: the institutional one, focusing on intra– and extra parliamentary institutions influencing cohesion and the socio‑motivational one, focusing on individual MP’s motivations, shaped by more general or more individual factors (social norms, loyalty, individual preferences). The author assesses possible future developments of the field, noting that the insufficient theoretical framework hinders further progress in comparative studies. With regard to the very few Polish studies of the subject, the author proposes a clear Polish terminology relating to major concepts used to describe the voting behavior of a parliamentary group.