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Cracow Indological Studies 2013, nr 15: Text History and Society as Depicted in Indian Literature and Art. Part II. ŚRAVYA. Poetry & Prose

Lidia Sudyka, Anna Nitecka

Tiziana Pontillo
The Debate on Asceticism as a Permanent Choice of Life: Some Late Clues from "Mahākāvyas"

Anna Trynkowska
Political Metaphors in the "Mahākāvya": The Conceptual Metaphor the state is the human body in Māgha’s "Śiśupālavadha"

Tomasz Winiarski
Women’s Town—Ghost Town. A Picture of a Dying City in the "Raghuvaṃśa"

Rajendran Chettiarthodi
Sanskritization of Regional History: A Study in the Historiography of Atula’s "Mūṣikavaṃśa"

Lidia Sudyka
A War Expedition or a Pilgrimage? Acyutarāya’s Southern Campaign as Depicted in the Acyutarāyābhyudaya

Lidia Szczepanik
Prisons in Sanskrit Literature: A Comparison of "Arthaśāstra" and "Vāgmaṇḍanaguṇadūtakāvya" Descriptions

Yigal Bronner
Embracing Simultaneity: The Story of "Śleṣa" in South Asia

Katarzyna Pażucha
"Kavirahasya", “The Secret of Poets”: Rājaśekhara’s View on Poetry

Ewa Dębicka-Borek
Ritual Worship of the Narasiṁhamantra as Depicted in the "Sātvatasaṁhitā"

Mariola Pigoniowa
The Topos of the Four Ages of Humankind and the Question of Rāma’s Divinity

Danuta Stasik
Following the Path of One’s Duty: Tulsīdās’s Rāmcaritmānas as a Socio-Cultural Code

Piotr Borek
History of a Polyglossic Literary Culture. On the Decline of the History of Hindi Literature

Tatiana Dubyanskaya
Tyrants, Villains, Belles and Saints: Stereotyped Portraits of Muslim Characters in Early Hindi Novels

Monika Browarczyk
“The Double Curse”—a Dalit Woman Autobiography in Hindi by Kausalya Baisantri

Alexander Dubyanskiy
Royal Attributes as Reflected in "Caṅkam" Poetry

Jaroslav Vacek
Old Tamil Kings and Chieftains as Described in Sangam Literature

Jacek Woźniak
Tirumaṅkaiyāḻvār’s "Maṭal" Poems and Social History of Early Medieval South India

Piotr Borek
Courtly Culture and Political Life in Early Medieval India. By Daud Ali. Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2006. xx + 296 pp. $ 30.00 (hardcover)

Lidia Szczepanik
Rasāla Books (www.rasalabooks.com)